Get this awesome Resource Guide and learn how the Non-Homeschool Parent can face the current (temporary – let’s hope) situation in the best way possible.

The new virus outbreak has already changed so many lives in so many ways.

Resource Guide
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Empty shelves, deserted streets, the ghost of unemployment hunting new people every single day, and a full house!

Homeschooling is definitely not the same thing as “school at home“. Many of us parents are learning that the hard way.

As the schools closed their doors to our kids, our homes became full, all day long, every day of the week, from sunrise to sunset.

But our children need to learn, right? And, at least for now, they only have ourselves to fulfill this task.

Teachers are sending homework digitally and you are probably struggling with it. You and your kid – or kids(!).

There is hope!

Our good friends at CulturedKids have put together a simply wonderful Resource Guide to help You in this unique moment of your family’s life.

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