Meet Marlon. He wants to be a cook when he grows up. 🤗

Marlon’s dad is a farm worker. His mother works as a maid. Those are very low paying positions in Brazil. Together, mom and dad make less than US$700.00 per month. That’s not much. Life is tough. After buying food & paying the rent, there’s not much left for almost anything else. 😞

They live in Barra Longa, a small town in Minas Gerais State, in Brazil.

Marlon is one of the many students Holistica Foundation was able to assist, via the 1BOOK4LIFE program.

Marlon’s mom walks him to school every day. About the books he got from the program, she says:


Thank you so much!

“He went nuts! He was so happy when he got the books!

His father and I couldn’t believe how much joy those books brought to our child.

Thank you. Really, thank you so much!”

Thanks to a kind and caring donor, 1BOOK4LIFE was able to give Marlon and all his classmates, a set of two brand new literature books each; the books were wrapped as a gift, so they could take them home and enjoy the reading. 😊


Marlon’s mom read the two books to him already! Repeatedly! “He loves it!”, she says.


Marlon’s teacher reads the books in the classroom as well. “The children love when we read them another story. Thanks to 1BOOK4LIFE we now have dozens of new literacy books to read from! Every day at school is a bliss: they bring their new books to school and ask, all at the same time: ‘miss Cidinha, read mine first! Read mine, pleeeeease!’”

Students need books!

We can't do this work without you. Please make a gift today so we can continue to bring joy and hope for a better future to students in Brazil.

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